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Why Private Equity?

Investors can participate in unlisted companies with private equity. Help shape strategies, optimize processes and generate sustainable added value. Added value is generated for our overall economy. At Infinite Capital, innovative, future-oriented companies are supported in order to promote and maintain the high technological demands of our economy.
Infinite Capital mediates capital-seeking companies and investors, taking into account ethical and economic values.


Company with a high and sustainable profitability


Promote future-oriented and innovative companies

Social responsibility

Social responsibility and basic ethical values towards our society

How it works

Private equity investments are the direct, i.e. off-market, acquisition of stakes in companies, usually with the aim of reselling them in the future. From the point of view of the company seeking capital, private equity financing is a sound and recognized way of raising capital. A large number of companies do not yet meet the requirements for listed trading of their equity securities or wish to avoid the demanding path of a stock exchange listing.

Infinite Capital

We specialize in identifying innovative companies and placing them with institutional and private investors. With our economic and ethical standards, we advise and support selected companies. We use our global network to leverage and capitalize on synergies for productivity and profitability.

Your advantages

Yield and exclusivity

High return potential
Today, private equity is a recognized form of investment. Compared to conventional investments, private equity offers a higher return potential. Through a direct investment, you contribute significantly to the success of a company.

Shape the future of tomorrow with us

Infinite Capital is identifying more innovations than ever before. We strongly believe that disruptive technologies and innovations will change the world as we know it. With us you have the opportunity to be part of this change and contribute significantly to a better future.

Why should a company seek a private equity investment?

The first and most important goal is to grow the business to increase profitability. Private equity capital increases the working capital of a company and is an important tool, both for the efficiency of a company and for short-term financial health.

Meet the future

What moves the world affects the markets. Our private equity strategy aims to generate above-average returns through buyout investments and by actively developing our portfolio companies. With this strategy, we invest in companies operating in fragmented sectors or specific niches.

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