Our claim

Sustainability and financial transactions need not be mutually exclusive


We will combine steady growth, consistent returns and firm control of risk factors to provide security for our investors. Our people will make the difference in delivering consistent returns and increased shareholder value.


For us, sustainable business means creating value for our customers and thus also for our own business. Decisions are made on the basis of the impact they have on the environment, society, employees, customers, partners and investors.

Social responsibility

With its business model, Infinite Capital assumes responsibility for current and future generations. Thanks to our personal value creation model, we remain true to our corporate values.

Our responsible investments

Issues such as climate protection or good treatment of employees are important to us. Therefore, we invest exclusively in companies that are aware of their social and ecological responsibility. This decision has on the one hand, a positive influence on the financial success through an improved risk-return profile and on the other hand, sustainable companies are promoted through targeted investments and thus a positive contribution to the environment and society is generated. This benefits us today and all generations of tomorrow.

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